Our Committee


Charles Dhenin

Charles is an aircraft designer and student of Aeronautics and astronautics. He joined SUHPA in 2018. Charles is the designer of the Lazarus aircraft, and is responsible for all of the society’s operations.


Yaseen Reza

Yaseen is a PhD student at the university, having studied aeronautics and astronautics. He has been with the society since its creation.

Secretary &
Social Secretary

Thomas Andrews

Tom studies Aerospace engineering in fourth year. He is in charge of the social aspect of the society.

Health & Safety
Welfare Officer

Alfred Taylor

Alfie is a fourth year student studying Aeronautics and Astronautics. He is in charge of both the health and safety, as well as welfare, of the members of the team.

Team Leaders

In SUHPA, three teams share the workload of running the society – each focused on a specific aspect of day-to-day operations.

Design Team

Julio Coelho

Julio is in charge of the design aspect of the society. His team deals with designing new upgrades for our aircraft, the electronics of the Lazarus, and new concepts for future airplanes.

ManufacturE Team

Tamara Ivancova

Tamara is in charge of the manufacturing team. As such, she oversees all of our building and repair work, as well as teaching members to use the tools and techniques necessary on an HPA.

Flight Team

Gareth Jones

Gareth is in charge of the flight crew.
He organizes the transport an testing of the aircraft and oversees the training of pilots and ground crew.