Lazarus MkI Aircraft

Last updated March 2020

The Lazarus was designed in the summer of 2019. Building began in October 2019, and finished in March of 2020. It completed its maiden flight on the 14th of June 2021.

STATUS UPDATE: As of the 9th of July 2021, The fairing is being re-built following heavy damage during testing. A new rudder is also being installed, and the tail arrangement is being slightly modified. The airplane will be present at the 2021 BHPFC Icarus cup competition at Lasham Airfield


  • Wingspan: 24m
  • Wing area: 21 sqm
  • Aspect ratio: 27.6
  • Lift to Drag ratio: 25
  • Empty weight: 51kg
  • Cruise design power (60kg pilot): 400W
  • Propeller diameter: 3m


The propeller and tail of the aircraft. The propeller has a diameter of 3m and is designed to spin at 190-200RPM in cruise. The tail is made up of a 4m all moving elevator, and a 2m all moving rudder.
The aircraft’s wing is made up of 7 sections, three constant chord, and four tapering. The last two sections, the wingtips, are only 2m in length. The wing is shown here stored on wood supports resting on its trailing edge. This is the most space efficient way of storing the 24m wing!
The aircraft requires a crew of ground handlers to help it taxi, takeoff, and land
The Lazarus after its maiden takeoff! The wing flexes upwards to increase the dihedral angle, and hence lateral stability. This process is vital to allowing the airplane to fly correctly.
The SUHPA team proud of their creation!